Month: July 2023

Wildflowers Don’t Care

This asymmetrical shawl is based on a Dolly Parton song that includes the line,”Wildflowers don’t care where they grow.” To me, it is a song about surviving, possibly even flourishing, in difficult times. The piece is worked entirely on the bias. The body of the shawl starts with a small number of stitches and grows out with KYOK double increase on right side rows only, with a simple yarnover edging on both sides. An applied border is then worked perpendicular to the piece. The little flower pops in the pattern stitch will show up subtly against a bright backdrop of color. This shawl is fun to knit and wearable year round.

Published in the Fall 2023 Issue of TKGA’s Cast On Magazine.

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KYOK and Purl Cluster Demonstrations

This is a video to demonstrate some special stitches I use in my Wildflowers Don’t Care Shawl.

The KYOK stitch is the increase I use.

KYOK – Knit one stitch but do not drop it off the left needle, yarnover, knit the same stitch once more. Two stitches have been increased.

The other stitch demonstrated is a three stitch purl cluster, which is neither an increase or a decrease – it is purely decorative.

Cluster 3 – Purl 3 stitches together but do not drop off the left needle, yarnover, purl 3 together once more. The stitch count will remain the same.

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